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Research Engineers (RE) was founded in 1923 to provide a facility for the development of prototypes for inventors, government departments and industry, in a variety of fields. RE's expertise developed into a precision engineering service and it has established a high reputation for success in the design and manufacture of special purpose products. RE has a long standing record for the supply of defence equipment and products both for the U.K. and other markets. Recently RE’s activity has been focused in the manufacture of products in specialised areas such as airfield lighting.

RE Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)

The Precision Approach Path Indicator, commonly known as PAPI, was devised by Tony Smith and David Johnson at the Royal Aircraft Establishment Bedford in 1974, and developed by them over the ensuing two years. Research Engineers (RE) were also pioneers in the development of PAPI, having produced and supplied PAPI units for the first trials conducted. RE were pioneers in VASI (visual approach slope indicator) equipment and in particular PAPI (precision approach path indicator). RE produced and supplied PAPI units for the first trials conducted on PAPI. The same design is still in use today.

RE PAPI benefits from our extensive experience in this type of airfield lighting equipment. The simple and efficient design is unique, well proven and easy to use and maintain. RE PAPI is fitted with a purpose designed parabolic reflector that produces a parallel light beam. This makes it possible to use a single lens incorporating modern high transmission dichroic filters. The optics demist automatically in a few minutes without the need for heating circuits. See also Why RE PAPI. RE have manufactured PAPI since 1980, and have supplied over 14,000 PAPI projectors to military and civil airports worldwide. See a list of airports that have been supplied by Research Engineers.

Today Research Engineers are pioneeers once again, in developing the LED PAPI.

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