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Three Projector PAPI
The Research Engineers PAPI unit is modular in design and features interchangeable PAPI projectors, resulting in low cost maintenance. The option of servicing Research Engineers PAPI projectors in the workshop means minimum runway shut-down time. Re-lamping projectors is also a very simple task. The cost of life of the Research Engineers' PAPI system is the least expensive on the market.

PAPI slope angle is set quickly and simply using three legs. The front legs of the PAPI level the unit laterally whilst the rear leg provides the elevation adjustment. Corrosive resistant construction using light alloys and stainless steel make Research Engineers PAPI a robust device. The simple design and optical efficiency make this a first class choice of PAPI for the international aviation world.


Azimuth Range: + or - 10 degrees
(15 degrees - meeting CAP 168 - also available)
Vertical Adjustment: up to 10 degrees
Transmission: 2 minutes of arc
Filter Transmission: 25%
Meets both ICAO and FAA performance specifications